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Happy Family

Rebuild your Relationship

with Food

In working with individuals who crave weight loss, it’s clear they have some good habits, but they also have habits that work against them in the kitchen.  We train you to replace those unhealthy practices with good ones…but in a fun way!


Break My Routine

We upgrade your food habits by replacing with easy, smart substitutes you'll love. Changes are made at your pace, using accessible quality ingredients.

Real Time Help

Everyone slips up sometimes. Our Advisors have been through what you have and lovingly redirect you to smarter, happier choices. 

Helping You Out

We're most interested in your success. Our advisors educate and train during the process of engaging in your daily choices.

Live My Best Life

We naturally weave in empowering, emotional support training. The entire program is built with unconditional love balanced with accountability.

Make it Affordable

A program with this much love and support would normally cost 3-4X as much. 

Program Highlights


Blooming Flavors

So much flavor gets lost, because we were never taught how to bloom spices so they can enhance the entire dish.

Cooking in Layers

Finding flavor in multiple places and making it easy to layer in different ingredients based upon what you have, not what’s in the recipe.  That’s how you save money and avoid waste.

Food Multiplier

Getting bored with food can be a function of having a limited mindset about food combos.  Let us open your world and make you a hero in your household in the process.

50/50 Rule

You can have starches, they just have to be the right ones and in the right balance.  Enjoy!

The Importance of Texture

Our mind and body crave contrasting textures in our food.  Good things happen when they are present for your taste buds and your weight

Bring the Entire Family

Food 2.5 is for entire families. Weight loss can be very isolating and thrives best in a family dynamic.

Free The Fridge

We help you to not waste leftover ingredients or leftovers. There is a place for them!

Patient Stories

About Us

Food 2.5 was created by individuals with deep experience in innovation and healthcare. In a world that offers access to so many things through your smart phone why not have the ability to text, message, or video those on your care team when you need them?

We are committed to solving every flaw we've encountered in other weigh loss programs. Read more

Our Team

The Food 2.5 leadership team represents a rich cross-section of talents needed for success. Learn more

Our Advisors

The Food 2.5 advisor team includes medical advisors who are experts in their field. Learn more


Come Cook With Us!

Where Weight Loss meets Instagram in the most delicious ways!

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