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How Believe Health works for doctors

We are about realizing the full potential of telemedicine. Telemedicine has come to mean cheap and dirty care. We are making it the exact opposite. 

Time Saver.png

Doctors get more of their personal time back

Time Savers


Relationship Builders

With patients and referring physicians


Money Makers

More referrals, more reviews, more patients, and new program revenue

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How we do it

The engine of Believe Health is a more powerful communications platform supported by a dedicated team fully invested in your success

Advanced Telemedicine

Text and video messaging/conferencing customized for your practice.

Sequenced pre-recorded content

To perfectly align with the patient journey. Save time and make patients happier.

Reputation building

At the right time, we ask for feedback. Positive reviews are posted and negative reviews are directed to the practice which results in more business.

Referral development

We add doctor referrals directly in the platform to add efficiency and drive more revenue. 

Program revenue

World class weight management or other patient programs can self-fund cost of the platform

Family in the Kitchen

We make it easy to begin

1. Understand your practice

Team and patient population

2. Construct

A customized offering best suited to you and your patients

3. Pilot before full launch

We support introductory onboarding experiences at no cost to you to validate the program

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