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Food 2.5 Philosophy

"I should have done this. Why didn't I do that?"

These are the voices in your head that you hear over and over again. When you struggle with your weight, food goes from joyful to stressful.

95% of weight loss attempts fail. Why?

Because they require too much sacrifice... and because they don't create sustainable habits and ways of eating that are satisfying.


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Poor eating practices are a result of habits people have grown up with or grown into

The poor eating practices people have been a result of habits they grew up with or grew into.  These can be relearned and replaced with food choices you will love even more!  Regain your love of food.

Be in a community that believes in abundance instead of scarcity

The entire program has been built around unconditional love in balance with accountability.  We follow the Choose Love social and emotional growth program for a happier more fulfilled life. 

Follow abundant recipes

Part of the problem with recipes is that the excess ingredients end up getting thrown out.  We use recipes that evolve in multiple ways for greater diversity.  More excitement with food and less waste!

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