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Meet the Master Maker

Sandy is a lot like you... she has struggled with weight loss most of her life.

Flavoring your weight loss Journey

Sandy Rasque

Co-Founder, COO

My story of where the weight came from is not unique.  I’ve had my ups and downs mostly driven by impulsive, emotional eating during times of change – jobs, pregnancies, cross country moves, unhappy relationships, divorce, loss of a parent after a prolonged cancer battle, and the trials and tribulations of being a single mom to three boys.  Any of this sound familiar?

I’ve tried every crazy diet and fad out there.  I’ve counted calories, carbs, points, macros, meals, and sugar.  And while I made some quick success with a few of them, it never lasted very long.  And, the weight ALWAYS came back. 

What killed every diet for me is the limited menu options I had to choose from.  The sacrifice was too great.  I felt the loss every time I went to the kitchen, to a restaurant, on vacation and at holiday and family gatherings.  And it made me give up not just on that meal, but on the diet all together.

I’ve spent years dissecting the flavors I like and what’s caused me to not lose weight.  I have just a couple of trigger foods, like sugar cookies, where I’m best to avoid them all together because will power doesn’t even touch the irrational power of desire.  But for the billions of other foods available, what I love is not the highest calorie count.  I love spices, and textures, and the interplay of flavors.

And you want to know the most powerful tool I’ve figured out?  Never say no…say how much and how often.  This is power.  When you can figure out how much you can have and still make your weight loss or maintenance goals, now you are in control, not the diet.

It’s time to rejoice and rebuild your relationship with food.   Time to remember all the dishes you love and expand with new dishes to keep it interesting.  And it’s time to reinvent your guilty pleasures the Food 2.5 way - with twice the flavor and half the calories.

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